Katia's Signature Touch

Katia's Signature Touch is an advanced customized facial addressing skin conditions, concerns and goals. Options available are peels, Diamond Glow, HydraFacial, Dermaplane, Reiki, and Micro-needling.
  • Option 1 - 65 minutes $300: (Options to choose from : DMK Enzyme Therapy, Environ Facial, Skin Medica Peel, Fire & Ice Facial by IS Clinical, HydraFacial, Diamond Glow Facial, Reiki, Microcurrant Facial, LED Facial, Full Body Chemical Peel, Dermaplane). Add-ons: Microchanneling ($50), Alkaline Wash by DMK ($50)
  • Master Aesthetician (65 min.) - $300

  • Option 2 - 80 minutes $375 (Options to choose from : (Options to choose from : DMK Muscle Banding by DMK, Diamond Glow Facial (includes peel and Diamond Glow on arm and chest), Sirena Body Treatment, Mlis Detox Body Wrap plus facial, Add-ons: Microchanneling ($50), Alkaline Wash by DMK ($50)
  • Master Aesthetician (80 min.) - $375

  • Option 3 - 110 minutes $450 (Combines 2 services - can choose 1 service from Option 1 and 1 Service from Option 2.)
  • Master Aesthetician (110 min.) - $450

    Facials are completely customized for each individual, skin type and concern. Katia will deeply analyze your skin and recommend treatments based on your skin type and condition.

    DMK Alkaline Wash

    This amazing Alkaline formulation has many versatile uses and once applied to the treatment area, it changes the skin’s pH from about 4.5 – 6.8 to a pH of 12. When changing the pH level to 12, we place the skin into an alkaline state, therefore dissolving and softening both skin and hair. Alkaline solutions kill bacteria and remove dead skin cells and vellus hair. DMK Alkaline Wash is an excellent treatment for improving skin texture, acne lesions, wrinkles, Rosacea, and scar revision. For best results, we recommend incorporating the Alkaline procedures with the DMK Enzyme Therapy. Alkaline Wash is suggested in a series of 3-6 visits and the at home use of DMK Skincare.  
    • Post treatment, the client may experience the following:
    • Heat, tightness, redness
    • Crusting in some areas. This may appear within 24-hours to 3 days, which is perfectly normal
    • Excess oiliness
    • Dryness which can last up to 10 days
    • For hair removal treatments, the hair may temporarily feel stubbly. This will soon subside
    • Rubbery feeling skin for up to 72 hours

    Master Aesthetician (Katia)
    2 hrs. - $450




    Owner & Master Aesthetician