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How to save money on your facials.

Your skin is changing along with the seasons and the weather. It’s a critical time to alter your skincare routine and take extra special care of your skin at home between your facial appointments, which also will save big bucks in your pocket when you go back to your aesthetician.
As always, you want to make sure you are cleansing, rejuvenating and hydrating your skin every morning and every evening. But there are some extra steps and products you can add to your regimen to get professional results right at home!
Some spectacular products we recommend as additions to your at-home skincare routine include the Epicuren Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel, the Jan Marini Luminate Face Mask, the Remedy Healing Balm by Osmosis, and the Bio-Therapeutic Infusion Collagen Masque .
The Epicuren Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel is a fantastic product to incorporate in your skincare routine just three times a week to get rid of that excess, dead, dry surface skin we all acquire in the cold, harsh winter air.
It’s great for all skin types and will even assist in normalizing oil production. Mild pumpkin and apple enzymes dissolve your dead, unwanted skin cells, encourage surface cell turnover and promote clarity. This peel will also reduce poor size and fight aging by protecting your skin from free radical damage with phytonutrients and antioxidants.
To improve the overall appearance of your skin between facial appointments, we recommend using the Marini Luminate Face Mask by Jan Marini. This mask will visibly improve skin tone, texture and luminosity starting with the first use and combats discoloration. Your skin will glow all winter long just by using this mask 1 to 3 times a week! So easy to look fabulous!
Winter will inevitably leave us all with drier skin than we are used to experiencing during the warmer months. To fight dryness and provide the skin with the moisture it so desperately needs, we recommend using the Osmosis Remedy Healing Balm.
This healing balm is perfect for aging, sensitive, irritated and dry skin types. It has potent botanicals that soothe irritated skin, decadent wild cherry that invigorates the senses, and it enhances the skin’s density to visibly improve fine lines. Add the Osmosis Remedy Healing Balm to your nightly routine to create a deeply hydrated, softer and smoother complexion.
It’s as simple as that! Just add one or all of these recommended products to your at-home skincare routine during the dry, cold holiday season to maintain the healthiest, hydrated skin possible between visits with your aesthetician and save money to buy more gifts for your family and friends or for yourself!