1. Restore & Maintain Healthy Blood Circulation To Prevent Prematurely Aging Skin 
The integrity of your skin is highly dependent upon proper blood circulation. There are numerous blood vessels that work to deliver blood to our skin. Blood flowing towards our skin provides oxygen and other essential nutrients that the skin needs to remain healthy. As circulation continues, the blood also removes carbon dioxide and toxins that the skin doesn’t need. Circulating blood also delivers proteins and cells that the skin needs to be able to repair itself. Improper blood circulation damages skin integrity and causes multiple symptoms of premature aging such as poor skin tone, skin discoloration, inflammation, poor cell regeneration, wrinkles, as well as dark and puffy under-eye circles. 
2. If proper blood circulation is NOT maintained, negative effects to your skin include:
  • Skin Tone - Poor blood flow causes poor delivery of nutrients, which leads to a dull complexion. A radiant, glowing complexion is dependent on an abundance of nutrients.
  • Skin Discoloration - If there is poor blood circulation, there is also a poor flow of oxygen. This will result in pigmentation issues such as dark spots and an uneven complexion over the entire face.
  • Acne & Inflammation - Poor circulation may not directly cause acne and inflammation, but it will lead to acne and inflammation over time. Poor blood flow affects your major organs and if your major organs do not receive proper blood flow, it will lead to poor digestion and poor detoxification. If the liver and kidneys are unable to properly eliminate toxins, it will lead to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation causes acne, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and general skin inflammation.
  • Poor Cell Regeneration - When circulation is poor, there are less nutrients and repair hormones transferred to the skin cells. In turn, damaged cells and debris are not removed and will cause buildup, leading to poorly textured and flaky skin.
  • Wrinkles & Aged Skin - Poor circulation and inflammation are the major causes that lead to wrinkles and premature aging. Without proper blood flow, the body cannot properly detoxify itself and the accumulation of toxins cause inflammation, which contributes to a process known as glycation (the process that causes wrinkles).
3. You can restore and maintain healthy blood flow to avoid all these signs of aging skin with...
the revolutionary DMK Enzyme Treatment. Because the DMK Enzymes match the body’s chemistry, cells are activated and stimulated to begin production. It uses transfer enzymes to increase the circulation in the skin and you can really feel the increase in circulation through the pulsing of the skin while the mask is on. Transfer enzymes stimulate your cells to work faster and at their best capacity. It is TRUE oxygen therapy. Many facials claim to be ‘oxygen facials’ and simply blow oxygen onto the skin, but skin does not absorb oxygen from the air. Skin gets its oxygen from the bloodstream and by increasing the circulation and expanding the blood vessels, you are increasing oxygen uptake. The more oxygen you feed your cells, the better they work.
Enzyme Therapy improves the skin's ability to function by dissolving dead skin cells and impurities trapped within the skin. • Hydrolyze dead skin cells • Restores vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation required for cellular regeneration. • Increase oxygenation & cellular activity • Encourage new collagen & elastin formation • Detoxify the skin • Stimulates Collagen, restoring structural integrity back to the skin.
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